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Head of Recruitment

Aiden Cowell

“Working alongside Aiden, there is never any doubt in the commitment, and passion he gives to work, and projects. Aiden is a true expert in his field, and has the natural ability to work with different people at all levels. When a new business direction takes place he is able to understand, and adapt to make sure that high productivity levels are maintained. With his people skills, he is able to break it down, problem solve with solutions, and deliver the message/project so that everyone is on board. This has meant Aiden always works in partnership with peers and businesses regardless of level or industry.”

Andrew Munn
Lunatus Resourcing LTD

Aiden`s recent experience at one of the UK`s largest kitchen retailers has provided him with a sound understanding of the KBB market.
At Optimal Holdings, Aiden gained his multi sector recruitment experience and significantly, was also responsible for training, learning and development.
To continue his own personal development, Aiden has commenced a 12 week course with an examination to achieve a Certificate of Recruitment Practice. Aiden has a personal interest in interior design, passionate about providing high standards and best customer service within the KBB industry.
Multi experienced in team development, training and recruitment, Aiden communicates well and delivers results for his clients.

Principal Director

Simon Acres

“Simon has supported our business for over 20 years in many aspects, one of which includes training. His knowledge and passion for the industry, coupled with his retail, customer service and sales expertise makes the perfect combination for a fun, exciting and relevant training experience.”

Stephen Flower

Ashford Kitchens & Interiors

Simon Acres served as Group Retail Sales Director of Omega PLC and joined in 1998. He was responsible for field sales activity including a National Sales team whose main roles were to identify, convert and develop the best kitchen supplying merchants and independent retailers in the country.
Simon’s previous experience includes 5 years at PJH Group, a national distributor of kitchen and bathroom products, where he was responsible for the development of Apple kitchens and Whirlpool appliances brand. Significantly, Simon`s retail, customer service, and management training commenced at the John Lewis Partnership, offering a huge emphasis on structured training & quality customer service.
Simon holds the position of Corporate Retail Chairman of the growing KBSA Association and has served in this post for 10 years. Utilising his proven sales coaching and experience, Simon`s focus at Acres Consultancy Ltd is primarily the training service and is directly responsible for the personal delivery. Acres Consultancy Ltd is proudly associated with OA Ltd with all training pre-assessed and accredited.

Operations Director

James Gibson

“James is extremely professional to work with and works especially well under pressure. We can certainly attest to his expertise when things are running smoothly and equally when there are critical issues.
Another key point to note was the strong bond and respect James had from his team. He clearly installed command, a strong work ethic from his team with extremely close attention to detail.”

Ben Green MD

James Gibson served for 15 years as Head Of Client Services for La Poste`s UK division Ascendia, responsible for response and fulfillment. James and his team managed large blue chip clients such as 3M, Jo Love, Diabetes UK, Asthma UK, and Pauls Boutique.
Highly experienced in HR responsibilities, recruitment, and selection, James excels in people skills and works to a friendly professional standard.
James is responsible primarily for KBB Recruitment and works closely with Paul Radford and Aiden Cowell to match carefully considered candidates to our growing number of retail and corporate clients.

Head Of Creative

Kordian Pach

“I`m definitely pleased with my experience working with Kordian Pach. As a business owner, I felt very supported in my vision. Kordian’ s ability to listen first, reflect and then translate my ideas into results was exceptional. Before hiring Kordian, I had experience in traditional business, but I needed a special website design to grow my company.  Kordian provided timely responses to my many questions, helping me find solutions that I had not previously concidered. His positive solutions were greatly appreciated. I`m pleased to recommend Kordian as your future business consultant. I have no doubt that this will be a jackpot win for your company”.

Saumia Patel – Director

Kordian business experience is vast in terms of accountancy, information technology, social media, graphic design, photography, and media production.
His previous experience includes managing data, statistics, and accountancy within National Health Care, and more recently Crodo Agency.
Directly managing consultancy services, Kordian is responsible for quality marketing by utilising the growing importance of social media, website development and leading presentations with a unique design.
Kordian is forward thinking, offers consultancy clients a different approach and with cost effective unique solutions.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Paul Radford

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Paul. During this time, I have found him to be an extremely dedicated and hardworking individual. Paul will go to great lengths to ensure he fully understands his client’s needs and requirements and always gives his full attention to providing an unrivalled level of service.
The same service and dedication is given to the candidates that Paul attracts; his candidate attraction is superb and the fall-out rate the lowest I have seen. I would highly recommend Paul to any organisation that has experienced problems with their current supplier of staff.”

Joe Clarke
Interaction Recruitment PLC

Paul`s experience at CRS Wholesale enabled him to service multiple retail channel clients and gain a sound understanding of the KBB market.
At HSBC, Paul managed key customer portfolios, exceeding targets and excelling in client relationship management.
Paul has a diploma in Recruitment Consultancy and has worked in senior recruitment positions, such as Recruit Mint Ltd and more recently, managing recruitment at the TREB Group managing multi branch outlets, compliance and operations.
Experienced in both KBB and recruitment, Paul is personable and a task completer.


I. Stephanie Boyce

“Stephanie Boyce is a charismatic leader with a clear vision on how to promote business organisations. She has a very high aptitude for governance and a keen awareness for objectivity and transparency.”

Alan East
Assistant professor, University of Coventry

Stephanie is a qualified arbitrator with over 16 years extensive experience in commercial, civil, public and regulatory law, gained in advising some of the largest non-profit bodies, charities, local and central government, and regulators.
Significantly, Stephanie holds a Master of Laws in Public Law and Global Governance from King’s College London.
In particular, Stephanie has extensive experience in managing early stage disputes. A full understanding and comprehensive working knowledge of legislation alongside having the ability to address issues and problems and offer appropriate solutions.

``I`m very pleased to be working with these talented people. As a team, we will deliver results to our clients.``

Simon Acres