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Kitchen Design Consultant – Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Group Sales Manager (Plumbing, Heating, Kitchens & Bathrooms) – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

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Considered Recruitment
Would you like to speed up your selection process, save you and your business valuable time and secure your best candidate?
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Customised Accredited Training
Would you and your team benefit from additional sales recommendations, increased sales values and higher sales conversion rates?
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Experienced Consultancy
Specific efficiency recommendations that will save you cost, improve your sales growth and enhance your profit to include social media and web development.

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28th February 2019

Your first choice KBB service provider, offering you considered recruitment, customised accredited training and experienced consultancy services.

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We offer you 25 years+ of proven sales success, backed by vast industry knowledge from multi-sector supply chain & retail operations. Your first choice KBB service provider, offering you considered recruitment, customised accredited training and experienced consultancy services.

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We are looking for experienced retail B2C Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom Designers and B2B Field Sales Professionals, primarily from within the KBB Industry.

Our Process:

  • 1. Search for a position

    Check our job page and find your position of interest. Simply send us your CV after completing a short registration form.

  • 2. Phone interview
    The second step will be a short telephone discussion with one of our experienced recruitment specialists. This will then enable us to ascertain a better insight of your requirements.
  • 3. Attend interview
    For certain positions, it may be required for us to have an informal meeting prior to attending an interview with the client.
  • 4. Start your new position



Any questions? We are here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us

Customised Accredited Training

Best practice in sales customer engagement.

      • Customer Engagement
      • Sales Process
      • Buying Signals
      • Handling Objections
      • Closing The Sale
      • B2C Retail Sales Training
      • B2B Field Sales Training
      • Accredited Training
      • Apprentice End Point Assessments
      • Original Training Material
      • Bespoke Demonstration Films
      • Interactive performances for larger groups – team assessment, re-direct and review

Courses held at our extensive Northants training venue, at your premises or local hotel venue.

Experienced Consultancy

Ideas are our business.

Our creative team have a wealth of experience in understanding your business needs and requirements, to establish a think tank and associated “roadmap”.

  • 1. Start of the journey
    The initial phase of your new project is to identify your needs and suggest solutions, some of which could fall outside the parameters of the “norm”.
    With our clients, we will find the strategic path to commence the project.
    Brand identity is the key to deliver success to your business. Together we will harmonise our synergies to optimise the agreed concept.
  • 2. Design and development
    We use proven and tested methods to reflect the essence of your brand identity, using a method of image, social media and interactive activities.
    Using bold but measured design choices. Thinking with you and for you.
  • 3. Implementation
    To translate the agreed concept into reality by using the latest techniques and technologies.
    Deploying meticulous programming and social media tools, through to the final review.
  • 4. Continuous Business Support
    In an ever-evolving social environment, it is key to ensure media is current, bold and captures the concept of your business, we work with our clients to ensure all platforms are reaching out to your target audience.

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